Our story

The Fallshaw company was founded by Percy Fallshaw who started making wheelchairs in 1920.

It was then managed for 45 years by Robert Fallshaw, who led the way for the company to start making wheels and castors in 1960. He developed Fallshaw's renowned manufacturing expertise, built an enviable sales network, and made it one of the world's leading castor companies.

After Robert's regretful passing in 2005, his daughter Jo continued the company's tradition of developing and manufacturing innovative products and services, forming the Fallshaw Group and acquiring key materials handling brands like Electrodrive, Liftmaster and Serviced Equipment in 2012, Castors & Industrial Products in 2015, and Custom Engineered Solutions in 2016.

Today the Fallshaw Group is a single-source solutions provider in materials handling. As experts in mindful moving, our aim is to improve our customer's safety, productivity and profit in any work process involving pushing, pulling or lifting.

We work with healthcare, commercial and industrial original equipment manufacturers (OEM) to offer components or complementary products that either reduce the lowest total cost of ownership or provide enhanced product features that increase the saleability or value of their OEM equipment.

We also work with healthcare facilities, to improve outcomes in their push-pull processes and patient safety, and with industrial end users, to improve their move-safe processes.

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